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    Comcast Developing DEEPDRIVE & AIRBASE For Cloud Based Network DVR Storage

    In a move similar to Verizon FiOS, Comcast is also looking to beef up current DVR storage capacity by filing trademark applications for the brands DEEPDRIVE and AIRBASE, which are cloud-based video storage service applications.

    According to its patent application, Comcast is looking to use DEEPDRIVE and AIRBASE for a service that would involve “storing, broadcasting, downloading and streaming of audio and video programming selected by users for viewing on demand via cloud computing networks; digital video recorder (DVR) services via cloud computing networks; mobile media services in the nature of electronic transmission of entertainment media content.”

    With cloud-based or network based servers, subscribers can store their favorite TV shows and movies without having to rely on the hard drive limitations of a physical DVR—which could give Comcast significant saving on equipment overhead.

    Another added benefit of cloud or network based storage is that it allows Comcast to compete with Dish’s and DirecTV’s flagship DVRs, the Hopper and the Genie, which boast a storage capacity of 2 and 1 TB, respectively. With network storage, a customer should be able to store more HD and standard definition programming without having to worry about running out of hard drive space.

    This may help keep monthly pay TV subscriptions stable, since content fees are going up. If this overhead cost is eliminated because of network storage, the hope is that the savings will be passed on to the consumers.

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    • October 16th, 2012
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    1. James October 21, 2012 at 2:43 pm

      Sure Comcast, you’ve finally found a way to compete with the Hopper in terms of storage, but with 2,000 hours/capacity on my hard drive, I haven’t even come CLOSE to making a dent in that. I have the Hopper, and having been a Comcast customer before, I can tell you that this ONE feature will not suddenly make Comcast a better company overall. I hated their customer service, and the picture quality for HD through COAX/Comcast was HORRIBLE. What’s the point in being able to store all this programming if the picture still looks like junk? I was selected by DISH to do an employee beta-test for Hopper, and it has made DVR’ing etc. SO much more enjoyable than it ever was with Comcast. Enjoy that endless amount of grainy/junky quality with Comcast guys…I’m all good over here at DISH.

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