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    Comcast Unveils Free Wi-Fi For California Xfinity Customers

    free xfinity wi-fiComcast has added a new, free feature for Xfinity Internet customers in California: Wi-Fi connectivity outside the home for mobile and laptop devices. The cable behemoth have activated a few thousand Wi-Fi hotspots throughout their service regions in California, so broadband customers can get free access to wireless internet when they’re not in their home or business. These activated Wi-Fi hotspots are available in public areas in Northern and Central California, including Santa Barbara County, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Fresno, Santa Maria, Monterey, and Chico

    Xfinity customers can access the Wi-Fi network by looking for “xfinitywifi” on the list of available networks on their wireless device, and signing in using their Comcast username and password. Comcast announced that they will continue to install additional hotspots in California to fully accommodate all the state’s Xfinity customers. Customers who wish to view a map of available hotspots can find it posted on xfinity.com/wifi.

    “Our customers are increasingly leveraging wireless devices, platforms and apps, and looking for ways to enjoy their entertainment and communications outside of their homes,” Regional Vice President of Marketing for Comcast California Elaine Barden said in a statement. “With Xfinity WiFi, we’re providing them a fast wireless Internet experience while they’re out shopping, eating or otherwise enjoying their time in Northern and Central California.”

    Comcast had successfully released free Wi-Fi service anywhere to Xfinity Internet customers in the East Coast, installing thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots in Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, DC, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

    This is in addition to the company’s plans to release a “super speed” tier with download speeds of up to 300Mbps, which may be available by the end of this year. Free Wi-Fi access outside the home or business is definitely a growing trend, and may quickly become something a customer expects from his or her ISP. Sounds like a good thing, if you ask me.

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    • September 29th, 2012
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