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    5 Things You Didn’t Know About High Speed Internet

    High speed internet was a breath of fresh air to a world that was used to dial-up.   Following are five things you may not know about high speed internet access.

    High Speed Internet Can Save You Money

    Sure, it costs more than dial up, but it can save more than enough to cover the extra cost.  Consider that by paying for high speed internet you can do away with cable and landline telephone pretty much without missing a beat and you see my point.  Most modern televisions have the ability to hook to a computer via HDMI, meaning you can stream pretty much anything you could possibly want to watch directly through your computer.  Much of it is free, but paid services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime still cost much less than cable or satellite.  Phone programs such as Skype or VoIP eliminate the need for a land line and are free or very low cost.   Try either one of these tricks without high speed internet access however, and you will be banging your head against the wall before you get the first 30 seconds of a show to download or ever get a call to connect.

    It Leaves Others Access to Your Computer

    High speed is not without its risks.  Most often the connection is open, meaning those savvy enough can easily access your computer.  Be sure to install a firewall if you have a high speed connection.

    You Can Take Advantage for Free

    Okay, so you can’t use this trick if you want to take advantage of the first one, but if you simply want to take advantage of a faster connection, you can do so for free.  The library and various coffee houses and fast food establishments offer free Wi-Fi.  If you need a high speed connection for a specific purpose, pack up your laptop and go grab a cup of coffee.

    High Speed Internet Could Save Your Marriage

    If you are a spouse holding out on getting high speed to save some cash, read point number one and remember one can only take so much when it comes to dial up speed downloads.

    It Can Keep You Out of Jail

    You have heard of road rage right?  Download rage can have similar results.  Is it worth the risk?

    High speed internet is no longer an unattainable luxury.  It is readily available for all to enjoy.  Grab it and live life to the fullest, never waiting hours for your favorite downloads again.

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    • September 24th, 2012
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    1. Troy Holliday December 14, 2012 at 11:15 pm

      I remember back in the days when we just had dial up. And boy did that suck. It took so long to get to whatever you were trying to get to. I enjoy high speed far better than it was before.

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