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    Local governments license the ability to provide cable service in their areas; each region only allows one provider.

    By entering your zip code, we are able to pinpoint exactly who services your area. Once we have your information, we'll help you find your local cable provider and give you all the information you need to select the right package. Our availability map will help you quickly and easily find what cable companies are available in your area. It's a useful tool if you're moving and want to see if your current provider is available in your new location or just to see a visual representation of what cable television availability is like in your zip code.

    Best Internet Speeds for Gaming

    Nothing ruins a gaming experience more than slow Internet speeds. From random pauses to slow movement, a lacking Internet speed can bring out the frustration in anyone. Learn the best internet speeds for gaming so you can have an enjoyable and real-time gaming experience online every time you play.

    You Need A Fast Connection To Be Competitive These Days

    It seems fairly obvious that having a high speed Internet connection makes for the best gaming online. However, most people don’t understand why a high speed connection is so important. In order to effectively play any video games online without interruptions, pauses, glitches, and slow reaction, your computer has to have a steady amount of bandwidth to sustain the graphics and speed of the games that you are playing. Bandwidth increases as Internet speedsĀ improve.

    Gaming Has Specific Needs From Your System

    Internet Speed For GamingSo which Internet speed is best for gaming? The truth is, no speed is especially required to effectively play your games online, but having a high speed internet connection certainly helps. In short, make sure you have the fasted Internet connection possible to enable you to have the best gaming experience.

    Whether you have cable, DSL, or a wireless Internet Connection can affect how well your gaming experience will be. A general rule of thumb for proper gaming is this- make sure that your Internet speed is at a minimum of 700 megabits per second so your games upload and play properly when you have cable or DSL. For wireless Internet connection, your gaming is likely to improve, as standard wireless speeds are 50 megabits per second. The speed in which your computer can upload or download highly affects the way you play video games online.

    Always Go With The Fastest Internet Speed You Can Get

    When choosing an Internet speed for your gaming use, make sure you choose the fastest option available for your Internet connection. As long as you can meet a speed of 700 megabits per second, you should be able to enjoy playing games on your computer without lagging, pausing, or other interruptions that can be frustrating.

    If you are unsure of the speed that you need for your Internet gaming, try to think of how often you play video games, how graphic or fast your games are, and what issues you may already have with your gaming experience. Take note of any lagging, slow reaction, pausing, jumping or skipping you experience as you play online, and use your computer’s current ability to play video games as a guide to how much faster your connection needs to be.

    Always Check What You Have Before You Get Something New

    If you have no issues when gaming online, it’s likely that your Internet connection and bandwidth is already at a speed that is comfortable. However, even if you already have no issues with your Internet speed, you may want to see if you can make your Internet connection faster to further enjoy your gaming experience. This way you can know that you are allowing yourself the best Internet connectivity to enjoy playing video games online.

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