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    Did You Know There Is Only One Cable Provider In Your Area?

    Local governments license the ability to provide cable service in their areas; each region only allows one provider.

    By entering your zip code, we are able to pinpoint exactly who services your area. Once we have your information, we'll help you find your local cable provider and give you all the information you need to select the right package. Our availability map will help you quickly and easily find what cable companies are available in your area. It's a useful tool if you're moving and want to see if your current provider is available in your new location or just to see a visual representation of what cable television availability is like in your zip code.

    How To Save Money On Your High Speed Internet Service

    For most people these days, high speed Internet service is a must-have. However, the economy is still in recovery from the worst days of the recession and the prices on high speed internet often look formidable to those making due on smaller salaries. Luckily, there are some ways for people to save on their service plans without losing their high speed access entirely.

    Here are some great ideas;

    • Try Out A Lower Tier
    • Delete Unnecessary Services
    • Buy Your Modem
    • Choose the Self-Installation Option

    Try Out A Lower Tier

    Most broadband service providers offer several tiers of service. Each comes with its own claimed upload and download speeds but these are really just estimates. How well your computer works, how busy the system is and all sorts of other things can affect how fast your connection is.

    If you don’t already have the cheapest service, give it a try. Broadband service of any kind is pretty fast and can usually stream video and provide decent download speeds. Often this will meet your needs and save you some money in the long run. You can always go back since your provider will be happy to take more of your money at any time.

    Delete Unnecessary Services

    It may be a great deal to buy a package of broadband Internet, phone service and cable television but only if you would otherwise be paying for these items separately. If you don’t ever watch the television then it will be cheaper not to have cable service at all. While they will try to sell you all sorts of packages with a pretty heavy hand, all broadband providers offer an Internet-only package for people who want to save money.

    On the other hand, if these are things that you currently buy separately, consider combining them. Just remember that you are only saving if you would truly have purchased the item at a higher price. Otherwise you are increasing your spending overall.

    Buy Your Modem

    A lot of Internet providers offer to rent you a modem. They may even tell you that only the modem they rent will work for their Internet service. In most cases, this is a very expensive lie. If you rent your modem they are free to increase the rental cost at any time and you may not notice it if they go up slowly enough.

    Other companies will loan you a modem for free while you have their service. Obviously, this is generally a good deal but do keep an eye on your bill for any unexpected charges. Make sure that the fact that the modem is free is on a piece of paper in writing, as well, in case they later come back and try to claim that you agreed to a rental fee.

    Choose the Self-Installation Option

    Broadband Internet service is really easy to use and doesn’t really require any setup. If you allow the company to come out and set up your new modem you will see that the only thing the technician does is locate your cable outlet, plug in the modem and then plug in the computer. There isn’t even any software to install like there would be with a printer or scanner. They usually send a set of diagrammed instructions as well. Pretty much anyone can perform their own broadband install these days as long as their home is already wired for cable.

    Modern computers will walk you through the setup process that is required on your computer and most companies offer free phone help if you get stuck at this point. Unless it is free, and again, get that in writing, avoid allowing the company to install your system. Even if your home needs to be physically wired for cable before you can use the service, often an outside contractor is a better choice in terms of price and general knowledge.

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    • December 4th, 2012
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    1. Ben Teller December 14, 2012 at 10:37 pm

      My wife and I got a little tight on money that we lowered our cable promo level to the lowest level so we can save $20 per month on our cable bill. It was easy and we still enjoyed what we had with our cable provider.

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