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    Relocation Guide – Relocating Your Life To A New City

    Moving is stressful, there’s no doubt about it. Not only is the actual act of moving time consuming and expensive but relocating your life is stressful. Some of this stress can be relieved by planning ahead and making sure that you are ready to move not just your belongings but also your life to a new city.

    Preparation for the Move

    Preparing for the move is an important part of making sure that things go off as they should. Ensuring that things occur on schedule is a good way to keep your stress level as low as possible, so planning is essential for mental health. Planning should start as soon as you are aware that you will be moving.

    Decide on how you will be moving as quickly as possible and make arrangements. If you need to rent a truck, make a reservation. If you are going to hire movers, get your move on their calendar. Buy plane tickets or schedule a once-over for your car if you plan to drive.

    Start boxing up non-essentials well before the move. A few days before the move, start moving essentials into the same general area or even into boxes that you do not close yet. The more things you have packed or at least grouped together before moving day the less hectic it will be.

    Schedule your final electric bill and cable service

    At the same time, call or schedule the setup of these services for your new home. It can take several days or even a week to get things rolling so making an appointment before you move is best.

    Plan out expenses as much as possible so that things don’t take you by surprise. Make sure that a few meals out during the moving process and after the move are in your budget if at all possible. The last thing most people want to do after they move is cook, and even if they wanted to, often all of the cookware is still packed up.

    Moving Day

    If you have hired movers, it can be best to get out of their way and just let them do their thing. That way you don’t have to stand around and worry about them dropping something or get in their way. Kids are especially underfoot in this process and ideally should be elsewhere.

    During the craziness of moving day and for a few days afterwards at your new home make sure that pets are always securely contained and wearing ID. Moving is stressful for them, too, and they may react by running away to hide if allowed. ID can help get them returned but make sure the phone number or address on the ID is somewhere you will be able to be contacted.

    People who are flying will either arrive before their belongings or have to send them on ahead. This may also be true even if you are driving because passenger cars make better time than big trucks. Make sure that you have basic toiletries and something to sleep on with you if you think you might arrive before your belongings.

    After the Move

    Settling into your new home is something that takes people various amounts of time. It can be best to put some effort into getting all of the furniture situated quickly because it makes the space feel more like home. Taking a walk around the neighborhood to familiarize yourself with the new setting can also reduce stress and make it feel more like home.

    Since you are not only relocating your belongings but also your life, it is important to start considering the things that were a part of your life before you moved. If you went to the gym at lot beforehand, look into local gym offerings and sign yourself up. If you were more of a social type, look online or in local papers for meetups, clubs, and groups you can join.

    It is easy to be overwhelmed by the stress of the move and not take steps to make the new city yours. However, you will feel better about the move and more at home the more quickly you scope out the local area. This includes not only gyms and clubs but also grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, parks and more, depending on your interests and needs. Put some time and effort into exploring your new city and you will be rewarded.

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