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    Boston Celtics Select Comcast Business Services For Internet, TV, & Voice

    boston celticsThe NBA’s legendary franchise, the Boston Celtics, has just selected Comcast Business Class Ethernet and Business Class PRI Trunks for all their data and voice service needs. Comcast is the nation’s largest MSO, with one of the most extensive hybrid fiber/cable networks of any provider. This makes them the ideal choice for the Celtics, since the internet is one of the main avenues the team uses for promotion and customer outreach.

    The Celtics will use Comcast’s powerful ethernet service to download and share bandwidth-intensive video files and images, and to consolidate communications between the team’s main office in Boston and its practice facility in Waltham. Comcast’s Business Class PRI Trunks provides the data and voice services that Celtic coaches, scouts and trainers need to create scouting reports and analyze game film, and will facilitate the business and legal communications needed to coordinate public appearances, media interviews and other live events.

    The Boston Celtics have won the most championships in the league, winning 17 championships, including their most recent one in 2008. The team plays their games at the TD Garden, which also uses Comcast’s internet and TV service.

    Before signing up for Comcast Internet, the main administrative office in Boston had a separate phone system from the practice facility in Waltham and used a T3 internet connection from a different provider. The separate phone system not only made inter-office calling a hassle, but it also lacked many calling features that most digital voice customers take for granted, such as Caller ID, Conference Calling, and 4 Digit Dialing. It also required employees to log in to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) just to access files and schedules, adding another layer of complication to routine tasks.

    “Thanks to Comcast, we have integrated our phone systems, as well as our networks. We need to quickly process a great deal of game video on a daily basis, sometimes from as many as fourteen different games from the prior evening, which requires a significant amount of bandwidth,” stated Jay Wessel, the Celtic’s VP of Technology. “With up to 100 Megabit per second downloads between our two facilities, video files can move quickly between our sites, as well as other player-, game- or event-related information that needs to be handled in real-time.”

    Both the Boston and Waltham locations can enjoy 100 Mbps of bandwidth, which should provide high speed file transfer and immediate data access for all employees at all times. This is especially important for the practice facility, since fast video downloads are integral to reviewing game footage and coming up with playing strategies and adjustments.

    The newly integrated voice and data system enables the increased communication speed required by the Celtics’ public relations and marketing staff, who have to respond quickly to media inquiries, and upload information, photos, and videos to the official Celtics website. It also helps the team’s marketing staff promote the organization in real time, which is integral in today’s YouTube era.

    “The Celtics are one of the preeminent teams in basketball, and one of the most successful franchises in all professional sports,” noted Bill Stemper, President of Comcast Business Services. “To match the team’s tradition of excellence, the organization needed an integrated, high-performance voice and data service that allows staff to communicate in real-time and rapidly process all of their video content and information. By standardizing on Comcast Business Class Ethernet for their data needs and Business Class PRI trunks for their voice communication, Celtics employees can collaborate faster, allowing them to focus on serving their fans and the media.”

    In today’s increasingly digitized world, it’s important for sports entertainment organizations to keep up with the technological habits of their fans. This upgrade is definitely a step in the right direction for the Boston Celtics, which is one of the most storied and timeless franchises in the NBA.

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    • December 11th, 2012
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