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    Charter Communications To Unveil 300 Mbps To Compete With Verizon FiOs & Comcast


    high speed internet

     It seems that the race to provide the fastest internet service is a never-ending one, now that Charter Communications has decided to develop a turbo-charged 300 Mbps internet service tier in a bid to keep up with Verizon FiOs and Comcast. The new price point for this service tier have yet to be released, but this option may be available to current subscribers and new customers very soon.

    Currently, Verizon FiOs offers 5 tiers of internet service: Good (15/5 Mbps), Better (50/25 Mbps), Best (75/35 Mbps), Best+Streaming (150/65 Mbps), and Ultimate (300/65 Mbps), while Comcast will be offering its 305 Mbps tier before the end of this year to the same areas currently serviced by Verizon FiOs.

    These new speeds provide enough broadband for users to download feature length HD movies in 2 minutes, instantaneously upload 250 MB worth of photos in 31 seconds flat, and download 50 MB worth of songs in less than 2 seconds. If you and the rest of your family are hard core internet users, the fact that internet service providers (ISPs) are racing to make faster internet service available to more consumers is a good thing indeed.

    Right now, these mega-speed tiers are pretty pricy—Verizon’s 300 Mbps tier is priced at $205 a month. But like all innovative technology before it, the sticker shock is only during its initial debut. Once this kind of high speed service becomes more common and as more providers are willing to offer it, prices should eventually come down to earth. It’s not good for only one or two providers to offer premium speed internet—this creates a bottleneck of minimal innovation and high prices, which is not good for the consumer. Hopefully, all this speed jockeying will create more choices with better prices, which is a good thing we can never get too much of.

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    • September 4th, 2012
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