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    Comcast Reaches Agreement With Crossings TV For International Xfinity TV Programming

    Crossings TVComcast, the nation’s largest cable provider and parent company of NBCUniversal, has reached an expanded broadcast agreement with Crossings TV, which is a privately held, multicultural TV broadcaster that specializes in Asian themed programming. With this latest agreement, Comcast Xfinity TV will be able to offer Asian international programming to 3 more cities in 2013: Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco.

    Currently, only Xfinity TV customers in the California Central Valley, which include Sacramento, Stockton, and Fresno, can access Crossings TV. The network’s main audience is the multicultural Asian hodgepodge of Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Russian, and Hmong communities in the area. The broadcaster plans on providing programming that meets these unique needs of these ethnic communities, from in-language information and international news, to international drama shows and movies.

    “Crossings TV is excited by this new distribution and its enhanced relationship with Comcast,” said the CEO of Crossings TV, Frank Washington. “We are confident that our locally focused, Asian-community-friendly approach in these key markets will enhance viewer choices and advertiser efficiency.”

    “Crossings TV provides one-of-a-kind programming directly tailored to a multicultural audience in the communities they serve,” added David Jensen, Comcast’s VP of International Content Acquisition. “We’re very pleased to expand our carriage of Crossings TV in these three markets, connecting our customers to content pertaining to their home countries and cultures.”

    This latest broadcast deal comes in the wake of Dish Network’s recent announcement about their latest Chinese language TV package, which targets the growing Chinese American population. Changing demographics mean that there must be some corresponding change to the programming being offered, and the expanded international programming targeting ethnic communities are definitely a step in the right direction.

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    • December 20th, 2012
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