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    Comcast Donates 50K To Help Operation HOPE Establish Cyber Café, Give Local Community Public Internet Access

    operation hopeThe HOPE Financial Dignity Center, which is located inside the Martin Luther King Sr. Community Resource Complex in Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, has just received a generous donation from Comcast, which will go towards launching a cyber café so the local community can have convenient access to the internet and be well versed in the latest technology.

    The organization received $50,000 from the nation’s largest cable provider, which was used to provide the cyber café with 15 desktops, laptops, and printers. The cyber café and HOPE Financial Dignity Center is the brainchild of Operation HOPE, which is a national nonprofit that aims to empower local communities through financial literacy. With the cyber café, the idea is to help bridge the digital divide between the haves and the have nots, so low income members of the community can use the internet to help themselves when it comes to being informed, looking for employment, and learning new skills.

    “The vision for the HOPE center was to create a space where our clients can come in and learn how to make an online presence,” explained Morgan Sinclair, a customer service administrator at the HOPE Center.

    Membership for the HOPE center is only $10 per year, which allows for access to all the resources inside the cyber café. In addition, members can learn new skills by taking beginner’s workshops, resume building, online job search, and even social media training. Eventually, the center hopes to offer advanced computer courses and classes for business owners, which should include advanced Microsoft Excel and Access.

    The cyber café is currently serving around 45 clients, though the cyber café should be adding new members as word spreads and time goes on. “We need volunteers to help get the word out about the café, raise awareness, and volunteer time to teach classes,” said Sinclair. “The center is open to everyone in the Atlanta community because we want to empower the community to become more professional and successful.”

    Added Comcast VP of Government and Community Affairs, Andy Macke: “Using a computer is ingrained nowadays, and partnering with Operation HOPE and the center provides resources to help lift a community up in a digital way.”

    This is just another facet of Comcast’s commitment to spreading internet and computer literacy to low income communities, in addition to their Internet Essentials program, which provides affordable broadband internet service to underprivileged communities. As a good community and corporate citizen, Comcast is always looking forward to future partnerships with more non-profit organizations—so all local citizens looking to help themselves can always get the support and tools they need.

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    • January 22nd, 2013
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