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    Time Warner Cable Testing 1 Hour Window To Reduce Wait For Customers

    time warner cable technicianTime Warner Cable (TWC), in response to customer complaints, has decided to test a new system in Wisconsin that requires technicians to arrive at the customer’s residence within 1 hour, instead of the usual 4 hour window that’s currently in effect throughout the rest of the cable giant’s service territories.

    Customers throughout TWC’s service territories have complained that huge chunks of their day are wasted from having to wait around just to get their cable fixed. Time is money for customers and cable providers alike, so TWC has employed the new system in Milwaukee, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Dallas for the last 6 months to see if customers are satisfied with the new changes.

    “Now you could get cable installed over your lunch hour,” said an anonymous TWC spokesperson. “We didn’t want to do any promotions around this until we knew we had it nailed down and were delivering what we were promising.”

    If the technician fails to come within the agreed upon 1 hour window, TWC will give the customer a $20 credit in their next monthly bill. This way, the company has real incentive to be on time as promised, and customers have assurance that their time won’t be wasted. Will other cable companies follow suit and start offering on-time guarantees or shortened wait periods? We just have to wait for this program to spread to the rest of TWC’s service territories—once it catches on and becomes something customers come to expect, the competition won’t have a choice but to offer the same benefits to their customers as well.

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    • December 27th, 2012
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