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    Verizon FiOS Partners With Healthsense To Provide Home-Health Solutions For Virginia Retirement Community

    retirement communityVerizon and Healthsense Inc. announced the launch of their remote health care monitoring system at The Virginian, which is a planned retirement community in Fairfax. It is the first retirement community in the nation to have both Healthsense’s wellness services as well as Verizon’s FiOS TV, Internet, and voice services.

    The Virginian provides independent and assisted living, quality nursing, rehabilitation, and home health services, so seniors can live their golden years with as much autonomy and comfort as possible.

    Healthsense created a monitoring system that utilizes the campuswide Wi-Fi infrastructure of Verizon FiOS, which is powered by the only pure fiber-optic communications network in the country. This advanced system can monitor the residents’ daily activities and allow them to alert the staff should they find themselves in a personal emergency, such as a fall or sudden injury.

    The new system would enable the staff to respond faster and automate many of the daily processes for the facility, expediting and simplifying the on-site staff’s daily responsibilities.

    “Healthsense technology enables us to provide the outstanding care our residents expect, giving them peace of mind, safety and security,” stated Chris Isherwood, The Virginian’s Executive Director. “As a senior care community, we gain a partner who will help us create a technology-enabled care environment that’s among the best in the country.”

    “This is an exciting day for all of us involved in this milestone project, most importantly for the residents of The Virginian, who will be able to live a safer, more secure and more comfortable lifestyle as a result of the services Verizon and Healthsense are providing,” added the Executive Director of Verizon Enhanced Communities, Michael Weston.  “Healthsense’s nationally recognized wellness-delivery programs and devices are an ideal match for communities such as The Virginian that also have chosen to enable Verizon’s FiOS network.”

    The Virginian is considered one of the best nursing homes in the country, having earned some well-deserved recognition with their inclusion in US News & World Report’s list of Best Nursing Homes for 2012.

    “When we realized that it was time to upgrade our copper-based nurse call system,” explained Isherwood, “we wanted to look for a replacement system that was at once good for both our residents and our staff. Healthsense quickly became the front runner.”

    After launching the new system, Isherwood said that the facility’s staff and residents were satisfied with the results: “Overall, our staff has been much more efficient, and we believe that the long-term marketing advantages that we have gained will make The Virginian more competitive in the long run…Today’s smart seniors are probably the first generation in the senior residential space really to understand and embrace how technology can have a positive impact on their lives. Whether they’re looking for ways to maintain or improve their health or communicate more effectively, we believe The Virginian offers more than similar places nearby. One of the side benefits is that it provides a great deal of peace of mind for our residents’ families and friends.”

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    • December 7th, 2012
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