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    Verizon & Midcontinent Blazes Past Competing ISPs According To PC Magazine

    verizon fios quantumAccording to a report in PC Magazine, Verizon FiOS and South Dakota-based ISP Midcontinent Communications provide the fastest broadband internet speeds in the nation.

    From the data provided by Speedtest.net, it was determined that Verizon FiOS delivered average download speeds of 29.4 Mbps, while Midcontinent placed a somewhat distant second with an average download speed of 24.7 Mbps. Charter Communications was 3rd with 22.2 Mbps; Bright House Networks placed 4th with 21.5 Mbps; coming in 5th is Cablevision’s Optimum Online at 21 Mbps; at 6th is Comcast at 20.4 Mbps; 7th is RCN at 19.6 Mbps; in 8th place is Wave Broadband at 17.8 Mbps, and finally in 9th is Cox Communications with an average of 17.2 Mbps.

    In the northeast, PC Magazine found that Verizon is still the fastest ISP, delivering download speeds of 29.6 Mbps. Cablevision is 2nd in the region with 22.6 Mbps; with Comcast coming in at 3rd with 21.5 Mbps; Charter at 4th with 20.9 Mbps and RCN rounding out the top 5 at 19.8 Mbps.

    In the North Central region, Midcontinent was rated the fastest ISP with download speeds of 24.7 Mbps. Next was Bright House Networks at 22.3 Mbps; 3rd place went to Charter at 21.7 Mbps; 4th fastest is Comcast at 20.5 Mbps; and Cox placed 5th with 18.9 Mbps.

    In the Northwest region, Comcast is rated 1st with average download speeds of 19.8 Mbps. Charter placed 2nd with 16.9 Mbps; Optimum Online is a dismal 3rd with a mere 9.7 Mbps; Frontier Communications is 4th at 9.2 Mbps and CenturyLink rounds out the top 5 at only 7.4 Mbps. For whatever reason, the Northwest seems to lag the rest of the country when it comes to competitive broadband speed.

    FiOS once again reigns as the fastest ISP in the South Central region, averaging speeds of 32 Mbps. Charter Communications is a distant 2nd at 25 Mbps, while Comcast is an even for distant 3rd at 19.8 Mbps. FiOS is also the fastest ISP in the Southeast and Southwest (my neck of the woods) with averages of 23.9 Mbps and 39.8 Mbps, respectively.

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that Verizon FiOS is the fastest, since they  are the only ISP that provides a true fiber optic network where the fiber is actually connected to the premises (FTTP). Google Fiber is the only other ISP to offer a complete fiber optic network, but that service is still in the process of being launched in Kansas City. Every other provider uses a hybrid fiber cable network that is much faster than the pure cable network of yore, but is still slower and less reliable than the pure fiber optic networks that power FiOS and Google Fiber.

    Will this jolt the other ISPs into action and encourage them to provide faster service? The Northwest can certainly use more speed from what it looks like—that region seems to lag behind the rest of the country when it comes to broadband. Maybe Google will choose to expand there next, and raise the average download speed for the region. Until then, Verizon FiOS is the nation’s reigning leader in broadband internet.

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    • October 3rd, 2012
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