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    Verizon Working Overtime To Restore Services for New Jersey, New York City, & Long Island Customers Hit Hard By Hurricane Sandy

    Verizon mobile emergency centerVerizon technicians are busy working on reconnecting digital voice, Internet, and TV services for consumers, businesses, and government clients in New Jersey, Long Island, and New York City. Hurricane Sandy’s damage to the communities are extensive, with some areas still dealing with persistent power outages.

    An additional 8,500 poles have been added by Verizon, as well as 50,000 aerial fiber-optic drop lines which are being used to reconnect homes and businesses to Verizon’s fiber to the premises (FTTP) network.

    Here was what Verizon is doing for restoration and redeployment:

    • Verizon technicians will work to restore voice, data, Internet and TV service to affected customers 7 days a week until all systems are completely up and running.
    • An additional 1,200 employees were added to the crews assigned to New Jersey, Long Island and New York City. area are being reinforced by 1,200 employees from other parts of the country. Verizon employees from the Maryland and Massachusetts regional offices have been temporarily reassigned to work in New Jersey and New York to replace poles and cables.
    • Coordinating with commercial power companies and local government to fix network service due to downed power lines, trees and other natural damage.
    • Verizon will continue to repair or replace damaged network equipment until the everything is restored to pre-storm conditions.

    This is what Verizon will be doing to accommodate customers who have been deeply affected by Hurricane Sandy:

    • Affected landline customers are eligible for credits as long as they notify Verizon of the service outage.
    • Customers can suspend their digital landline service without paying a termination fee if their home or property is unlivable or a public health hazard.
    • Customers can consult Verizon technical support to determine if their Verizon equipment is still in working condition or needs replacement.
    • All residential or small business Verizon equipment damaged by Sandy can be replaced free of charge.
    • Customers can recharge their wireless devices free of charge in all Verizon retail stores in the affected region.
    • Verizon is assisting public safety and disaster organizations by deploying an emergency fleet of vehicles and self-contained emergency inflatable-air shelters, which provide communications, Verizon Internet and video capabilities in devastated areas where services are still currently not available.

    Verizon and their customers have donated more than $3.8 million to help those devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Any additional donations are welcome, and customers can donate up to $50 by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

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    • November 12th, 2012
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