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    Local governments license the ability to provide cable service in their areas; each region only allows one provider.

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    Top Mobile Service Providers In The US

    Nowadays, cell phones are everywhere and the need for mobile service providers is increasingly stronger than ever. Deciding which service providers to even consider when shopping for a plan can be frustrating so we have listed the top mobile service providers in the United States. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Verizon Wireless is the largest mobile service provider in the United States and has gained a reputation of being the most reliable in the nation. The company has more than 92 million customers and provides their customers with the best service possible. Verizon has an extensive network reach and offers an enormous range of phones. The company also offers its customers a wide range of plans that are contract based or prepaid with a variety of benefits and features.AT&T has established and maintained an enormous presence in the mobile service provider market. The company offers the best as well as the largest selection of cell phones and offers a far reaching wireless network that covers practically the whole nation. In addition, AT&T’s 3G data capability has gained the reputation of being the fastest on the market. AT&T provides practically all services that a provider could offer to its customers and features a wide selection of plans for customers to choose from.

    Sprint has become a large player in the mobile service provider market by largely concentrating their efforts on a variety of unique pricing plans, emphasizing data usage as opposed to the traditional voice applications offered by other carriers. Sprint is the only provider to use 4G data transfer technology thereby allowing the company to accommodate customers who have heavy data demands. Sprint is known for dependable voice and data networks and offers a variety of phones with numerous features.

    T-Mobile competes with other mobile service providers by offering plans that are more economical and more reasonably priced. The company combines the more popular and usable features and as a result, is able to provide customers with more practical plans. T-Mobile excels at customer service with the ultimate goal of pleasing its customers.

    Boost Mobile sets itself apart from the competition by offering customers the best prepaid plan on the market with no contracts to sign and without the need to do a credit check. The company offers attractive programs that are changing the way that the public looks at prepaid carriers. In addition, the company is constantly updating and adding to their selection of phones to offer more innovative options.

    Cricket happens to be one of the first prepaid mobile service providers to come out in the market that appealed to the public. Dependent upon your needs, this mobile service provider is worthy of your consideration, as it may provide you with significant savings. Cricket offers a variety of features with their phones and allows you to select add-ons with your program. The company offers competitive pricing and has a support staff to assist you with all your mobile service needs.

    Virgin Mobile is a company that has always had enormous appeal to a younger crowd. This can even be seen in the design of their phones and in the plans that they offer. The company offers plans that are focused on messaging and data, as people are increasingly turning to contact via text as opposed to a phone call. Virgin Mobile offers a great selection of prepaid and unlimited plans specifically targeted to texters.

    U.S. Cellular is a regional mobile service provider that is based in Chicago. The company has established a large presence in the Midwest and has extended to a few other areas in the nation. U.S. Cellular requires that your billing address be in one of their licensed markets in order to become a customer. The company offers a huge selection of plans that are contract based in addition to some pretty attractive prepaid plans.

    MetroPCS is a strong mobile service provider that offers some of the least costly unlimited calling plans on the market. They feature attractive package plans with a variety of services at low prices. To become a customer, MetroPCS requires that you have a billing address within their licensed geographical area.

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    • December 4th, 2012
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    1. Mary Telbat December 14, 2012 at 11:21 pm

      I enjoy my at&t phone because it is cheaper than verizon. But I must say I do miss verizon because they still have greater reception and more towers than anyone else.

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