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    Verizon FiOS

    Verizon FiOS® Offers

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    • UP TO $400 VISA® prepaid card with qualifying FiOS Best Triple Play Bundles*
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    Verizon FiOS®

    As the only true complete fiber optic network in the nation, Verizon FiOS offers fiber to the premises (FTTP) connectivity–which makes it the fastest network in the nation for delivering digital video, home phone, and broadband internet services. Fiber delivery means HD picture clarity that’s superior to the competition, the highest sound quality for home phone service, and internet speed that’s even faster and more reliable than the competition. Rated by PC Magazine as this year’s fastest ISP, it’s clear that Verizon FiOS is the undisputed leader in advanced technology for home entertainment and communications.

    The Only True Fiber Optic Digital TV Experience

    Only with Verizon FiOS can you watch HD programming the way it was meant to be. Its powerful fiber optic network means that digital video is delivered fast and unimpeded, unlike the copper cable networks still being used by the competition. You can access over 560 all digital channels, including over 145 HD channels and 46 commercial-free digital music channels. With over 40,000 Entertainment On Demand Options every month, it’s clear that nobody offers more kids, sports, or movie options than Verizon FiOS. With its selection of great sports packages and premium channel packages, it’s easy to customize your home entertainment, so you can access all the programs you love to watch. Not only that, FiOS gives you the power and convenience to stream TV right to your mobile device.

    The Fastest Broadband Internet In The Nation, Hands Down

    With FiOS Internet, you can experience truly lightning fast broadband powered by true FTTP connectivity. Unlike the competition, which still uses copper cables, FiOS broadband speed isn’t affected by your neighbor’s internet use–which means you get the same fast speed every single time no matter what. Peak usage hours are meaningless with fiber optics, making FiOS not only the fastest internet network in the country, but also the most realiable. Winners of PC Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award for 7 years in a row, only FiOS offers maximum download speeds of 300 Mbps. No other ISPs even comes close. Where else can you download a 2 hour HD movie in little more than 2 minutes, or upload 200 in 31 seconds flat? Fastest, most consistent, and most reliable–when it comes to quality, there’s no question the FiOS Internet is in a class by itself.

    Fiber Optic Digital Voice For The Ultimate In Sound Clarity

    Call anywhere you want nationwide, including Canada and Puerto Rico, and enjoy the amazing sound quality that comes from advanced fiber technology. Control who can reach you with convenient phone features such as Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, and Anonymous Call Rejection. Give up to 3 different numbers to different callers, which comes with distinctive rings so you can tell them apart. Get your voicemail through your email and manage your home phone features on your TV, PC, or Droid smartphone. You can also customize your Call Forwarding feature with up to 3 different numbers, so you can get all your calls.

    FiOS Bundles For Maximum Quality & Value

    Looking to get the best of everything but wonder if you can afford it? With Verizon FiOS, you can bundle all 3 premium services and enjoy a good discount. Your bill will show savings of $35 per month for 24 mos. when you order new FiOS TV Ultimate HD and FiOS Quantum℠ 75/35 Mbps Internet in a FiOS Triple Play Bundle (plus taxes & fees, equip. charges & RSN fee w/2-yr. agreement.) You can also receive up to a $400♦Verizon Visa® prepaid card for bundling. Added together, your savings total $1240

    Superior Technology For The Ultimate Experience In Home Entertainment & Communications

    With its pure fiber optic network, Verizon FiOS stands alone as the fastest, most advanced, and most reliable network for delivering premium internet, home phone, and digital TV service. After delivering award winning quality 7 years in a row, the only question is what Verizon will do next to raise the standard.

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