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    Local governments license the ability to provide cable service in their areas; each region only allows one provider.

    By entering your zip code, we are able to pinpoint exactly who services your area. Once we have your information, we'll help you find your local cable provider and give you all the information you need to select the right package. Our availability map will help you quickly and easily find what cable companies are available in your area. It's a useful tool if you're moving and want to see if your current provider is available in your new location or just to see a visual representation of what cable television availability is like in your zip code.

    Comcast Will Be Launching KidKlout Program To Focus On Kids Issues

    Photo of Children Running and PlayingComcast will be looking to launch a new public affairs initiative called KidKlout, which may address pressing issues such as bullying, domestic violence, and maybe even the everyday dangers of distracted driving, according to the filed trademark application.

    The trademark application states that KidKlout will focus on “charitable services, namely, promoting public awareness of bullying, peer victimization, harassment and cyberbullying by, of and among children,” and will address “poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy and homelessness among children; child abuse and domestic violence against children; the sexual exploitation of children; child sex trafficking, childhood prostitution and child pornography; the importance and benefits of physical, nutritional, social and emotional youth health and wellness; the need for public service, volunteerism and community involvement by and among children.”

    Comcast is already providing low cost internet service to low income families through their Comcast Basic Cable Internet Essentials Program, which has proven to be a success so far. There are no further announcements as to how the proposed KidKlout program will complement the Internet Essentials Program.

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    • December 19th, 2012
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