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    Can Cox Cable Successfully Go Wireless?


    Cox Cable has been readying to become a player in the wireless phone market for numerous years. Though they are known for being an internet and cable television company, Cox appears to believe they have taken all of the required precautions to ensure that they become a major player in the world of wireless phones. The question remains, though, of whether or not they will actually succeed.

    It is crucial to keep in mind that Cox Cable has been readying their wireless phone launch for several years. Since the cellular phone industry shifts so rapidly, these few years are almost equivalent to eons. When Cox first began planning their move into the wireless phone market, the industry was completely different than it is today. Smart phones, for example, made-up a minimal amount of the market’s overall sales. Nowadays, smartphones are very common, especially with users who don’t have a laptop or PC.

    This is potentially a major issue for Cox, as their initial product line may not have anticipated this huge shift in the cellular market. Redesigns may be necessary, which will add to unforeseen costs in manufacturing and marketing, and may hamper Cox’s virgin foray into the wireless phone market.

    Cox Cable is a comparatively small cable provider trying to succeed where major cable companies have failed. Marketing will make or break Cox’s success in the wireless phone world. Larger cable companies failed when they tried to sell consumers wireless phones in addition to their cable television service, which was not at all successful. Cox must implement an advertising plan that separates their mobile phone offerings from their cable service if they want to increase the odds of achieving success.

    Cox Cable does have their exceptional customer service working for them. Frequently, wireless phone users complain that their cellular service providers do not offer great customer service. This reputation can only enhance their attempts to penetrate the wireless phone market, and with a base of happy customers, it’s that much easier to convince them to give their wireless phone service a try when it does launch.

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